Initial Penny Pinching:

There is a Dell Laptop I had laying around, about 4 years old – broken.  I spent a few hours wiping the hard drive, got multiple quotes from different trade-in recyclers, but for ease of use (not have to do Shipping and handling myself), I accepted a low quote of $65 dollars from .  Looks like they’ll send a box out and accept broken laptops. This is basically a throw away laptop, so a good place to start the pinching.  Toshiba seemed to have a better offer for this laptop, but really they wanted me to rate the condition and ship it myself, which was too much of a pain.

I have a second broken laptop I will be selling to them for $270 dollars if the first one goes well.  Sure I could be ebaying or craigslisting this stuff, and maybe a true pincher would be doing this – but there is a trade off between effort and cash here.

Potential Savings: $335 dollars


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