Savings: Maxtor One Touch for $89.99

So with all this recyclind selling of my laptops I needed to store my data, so went out and started looking for an external hard drive.  Not looking for anything fantastic, just a USB 2.0 compliant hard drive with decent ratings.  Came up with two: the Western Digital Mybook and the Mator Onetouch.  Both universally had 4 out of 5 stars, with various levels of fail rate (my experience is that hard drives do this – and I have had equally good experiences with Seagate (who owns maxtor) and Western Digital.  However, the Maxtor has a 5 year warranty and the Western Digital has a 1 year – so for comparable price – had to go with the maxtor on touch 500 gig. 

Headed down to & found it for $129.99,  however on the Internet Staples had it for $89.99.  Bestbuy price-matched & I walked out with the drive for $89.99 (and I used a gift card, see previous post).  Gotta love the price match & certainly love not driving around looking for a staples with gas prices what they are now.

Total Penny Pinching Savings: $40 dollars


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