Savings: Nikon D60 for $529.99

After several years, i went ahead and replaced the two digital cameras that I own and hate.  I wanted to get a digital SLR.  I was between the Nikon D40x and the Canon Digital rebel XS.  I ended up waiting so long that new models came forward – the Nikon d60 and Canon Digital Rebel XSI.  I headed on down to Ritz Camera, and tried them out – like the feel of the Nikon Better.  the MSRP on this camera is 700 dollars.  Ritz wanted 599 + tax for it at Ritz, so headed on home, fired up the old xpbargains & found it for 539 – $10 coupon code LOYALTY10 for a total of 529, no shipping, no tax, free memory card from abes of maine.  Sure they tried to upsell me a warranty + lens over the phone afterward, but a simple no is worth the change to me.

Total Penny Pincher Savings: $170


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