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So, I’ve made three real quick sells of video games on  I really didn’t read the terms of service, so I was a bit surprised by the haircut I took on these sales – 20% commision.  That being said, they were really easy sells, and I averaged out about 8.00 a video game sold after commission.  Linked to Paypal, it was quite easy to do media mail posts.  This a tough call for me, they need to make money, but I am unmotivated to list anything for under 3-4 dollars knowing the effort & commission now.  I think there must be a bulk sale of video game site that would be easier than this…so for now is a 5/10.


New Motivation to Sell – New Sites to Review

Well, the original point of the site was to see how  I could funnel crap in my life into money for investments…now it looks like i will be funneling the money I make into …. diapers.  Yes, another kid on the way is more motivation to declutter my life and shove that excess savings into a  529 or into huggies stock.  As if the economy wasn’t reason enough.

I have a TON of old books around my house, I go through fiction very quickly.  I also have somehow held onto my undergraduate text books for a decade or so, and as a liberal arts major – I have a ton of books that no one wants to read – or so I thought.  I realized there is a whole niche industry devoted to buying textbooks and a much smaller one unfortunately for used fiction.  So in the past week I have tried out several sites and will post the reviews.   I sold 64 books to, 50 books to,  I instantly sold an item on, and have sold an old digital camera on the old faithful,

Again, I continue to look for the easiest way to make the most amount of money – and i think indivually listing items on ebay is a good way to make yourself crazy.

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