Half.com – Rip off or just right?

So, I’ve made three real quick sells of video games on half.com.  I really didn’t read the terms of service, so I was a bit surprised by the haircut I took on these sales – 20% commision.  That being said, they were really easy sells, and I averaged out about 8.00 a video game sold after commission.  Linked to Paypal, it was quite easy to do media mail posts.  This a tough call for me, they need to make money, but I am unmotivated to list anything for under 3-4 dollars knowing the effort & commission now.  I think there must be a bulk sale of video game site that would be easier than this…so for now half.com is a 5/10.


1 Response to “Half.com – Rip off or just right?”

  1. 1 Jason June 17, 2009 at 6:22 am

    I like half.com but their fees can get annoying. The more you make the more they take.

    I sell on half quite a bit, it’s another way to get rid of books that aren’t in perfect condition and Powells.com won’t take. You can sell books on half.com even if they are rough condition, although you may not get much for them.

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