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Update: Going well on

So, I recieved my laptop carriers over the weekend and it looks like I should be able to send them back to cashforlaptops by tomorrow.  The clock will be ticking to see how long a check takes.  I read the BBB reports, and I have had no problems communicating with them.  I had a question about a lack of an OEM restore disk affecting price – very responsive.  Will post a full review with turn around times on receipt of fundage.


Dividend Investing: Resources to follow

In terms of investing, I’ve been researching dividend investing for some time – although I am not actively investing right now aside from my deferred compensation through work (which is taking a beating).  The appeal of divident/income investing to a cheap skate like myself and all the Penny pinchers of the world should be obvious.  A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, and getting paid now in the form of dividends allows you to make the choice to either reinvest in the same stock, to make new purchases, or to pay for your bills.  I’ll be including some resources on the long decried now Dogs of the DOW theory, along with the income stocks I’m looking at. 

I personally am looking at investing now, because with companies or mutual funds prices pushed so low due to the current economic crisis, the yields are extremely high – far above either treasury notes or certificates of deposts.  Further, closed-end-mutual funds are trading at all time high discounts to NAV, so if I can lock in income streams now, I can obtain income streams of 7-10%, which is what I would expect from a growth stock in good times.

I am not a professional investor, just an interested personal investor – with just pennies to invest, so I’ll also be posting about different investment sites.  I am in the process of opening a zecco account and will be trying out sharebuilder, as penny pinching ways of investing.

Initial Penny Pinching:

There is a Dell Laptop I had laying around, about 4 years old – broken.  I spent a few hours wiping the hard drive, got multiple quotes from different trade-in recyclers, but for ease of use (not have to do Shipping and handling myself), I accepted a low quote of $65 dollars from .  Looks like they’ll send a box out and accept broken laptops. This is basically a throw away laptop, so a good place to start the pinching.  Toshiba seemed to have a better offer for this laptop, but really they wanted me to rate the condition and ship it myself, which was too much of a pain.

I have a second broken laptop I will be selling to them for $270 dollars if the first one goes well.  Sure I could be ebaying or craigslisting this stuff, and maybe a true pincher would be doing this – but there is a trade off between effort and cash here.

Potential Savings: $335 dollars

First Posting

I obssess over deals, saving money, and pinching pennies.  I have a habit of scouring the internet for deals, and the ultimately after find the best price – not even buying the thing I was searching for.  With such a hobby, I thought I’d share it with the world.  I want to use this blog to memorialize the money I’ve saved, the cash I’ve made as a result of pinching pennies and decluttering my life, and the donations I’ve made.  I hope to keep a running tally of it all.  I also want to make sure there are lots of suggestions for ways other people can save money.  I’ll catalog all my favorite sights for penny pinching.

When there is some actual money to catalog, I’ll invest it and keep track of it on this sight.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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