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Final Review:

Okay, so my initial quoate from them was 265 for a newer Toshiba laptop and 65 for a really old Dell laptop.  I should mention that neither of these laptops functioned, the dell’s mouse cursor was screwed up – it was always clicking which in a windows environment meant it was non functioning.  The toshiba literally had a battery and a/c adapter explosion – after which – it would not function with a battery installed (just outside of warranty).

The Toshiba was shipped, they emailed me saying there was a “hard drive failure” – which is crap, there was nothing wrong with the HDD – I wiped it clean, however, there probably was an undiagnosed motherboard problem.  They offered me 235 for it – took it, absolutely.

The Dell was shipped they emailed me saying there was a “battery failure” + laptop was in poor condition, they would offer me 35 dollars for it, again, took it, absolutely.

So here is the rub, they use stupid excuses to bring down the online quotes – but their online quotes are disproportionatley higher than ALL of the other laptop buyers on the internet, because they don’t ask enough questions to judge the condition of the laptops.  So is it a bit of a bait and switch, sure – but you still will probably end up with more cash in hand than with the competitors.

All in all, very happy with, the 270 has already been spent on christmas presents.


Update: Second Sale to

So far, the response from cashforlaptops has been quick and pleasant – they have UPS’d me laptop bags and say they’ll guarantee my laptop sale prices even without an OS or restore disc, we’ll see what they do with the laptops once they receive them.  I went ahead and sold them my second laptop after wiping both hard drives.  I sincerely recommend that anyone selling they electronics over the interent do a full wipe of the hard drive, not just a system restore.  I used Darik’s Boot and Nuke – which is used by the canadian government.  It is free – you can see why I’d like it.  Why buy the paid programs when the the open-source community who invented these products is giving it away for free?

Initial Penny Pinching:

There is a Dell Laptop I had laying around, about 4 years old – broken.  I spent a few hours wiping the hard drive, got multiple quotes from different trade-in recyclers, but for ease of use (not have to do Shipping and handling myself), I accepted a low quote of $65 dollars from .  Looks like they’ll send a box out and accept broken laptops. This is basically a throw away laptop, so a good place to start the pinching.  Toshiba seemed to have a better offer for this laptop, but really they wanted me to rate the condition and ship it myself, which was too much of a pain.

I have a second broken laptop I will be selling to them for $270 dollars if the first one goes well.  Sure I could be ebaying or craigslisting this stuff, and maybe a true pincher would be doing this – but there is a trade off between effort and cash here.

Potential Savings: $335 dollars

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