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So, I’ve made three real quick sells of video games on  I really didn’t read the terms of service, so I was a bit surprised by the haircut I took on these sales – 20% commision.  That being said, they were really easy sells, and I averaged out about 8.00 a video game sold after commission.  Linked to Paypal, it was quite easy to do media mail posts.  This a tough call for me, they need to make money, but I am unmotivated to list anything for under 3-4 dollars knowing the effort & commission now.  I think there must be a bulk sale of video game site that would be easier than this…so for now is a 5/10.


More Penny Pinching: Gift Cards around the house

We all have them, gift cards around the house that you just haven’t had the chance to use or make it by the store to buy something with.  Inevitably, if you are reading this blog, you treat these cards like gold when in reality they are more like coal.  That and if you are penny pincher you inevitably will lose one of them in the pursuit of the “best deal” to use the cards on.  I am going to make a concerted effort to get rid of my left over gift cards and store credits. 

I’m currently looking into quotes to get rid of some gift cards I have laying around, looking into .  The deal is that they will pay you cash for your gift cards.  If you can get 80% cash quickly, IMO that is a good payout for very little effort.  There are other sites but they are auction based and it seems like a lot of effort for small amounts.

Initial Penny Pinching:

There is a Dell Laptop I had laying around, about 4 years old – broken.  I spent a few hours wiping the hard drive, got multiple quotes from different trade-in recyclers, but for ease of use (not have to do Shipping and handling myself), I accepted a low quote of $65 dollars from .  Looks like they’ll send a box out and accept broken laptops. This is basically a throw away laptop, so a good place to start the pinching.  Toshiba seemed to have a better offer for this laptop, but really they wanted me to rate the condition and ship it myself, which was too much of a pain.

I have a second broken laptop I will be selling to them for $270 dollars if the first one goes well.  Sure I could be ebaying or craigslisting this stuff, and maybe a true pincher would be doing this – but there is a trade off between effort and cash here.

Potential Savings: $335 dollars

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